Education in Bhutan

Bhutan spends around 7% of its GDP on education, but the quality of education, especially for girls, is not high. Several remote rural villages do not have access to roads, let alone electricity or telephones, and access to schools is very difficult.

For children in these settings the day starts before dawn, as they walk for nearly four hours to reach their schools. The daily eight-hour trek to and from school leaves these young students with little energy for school work and study. The problem is compounded for girls who have to help with household chores, and girls often do not complete school.

Cultural practices also stand in the way of education, with the culture dictating that children must look after their parents and grandparents. This often means that, even if the parents are supportive of the girl’s education, grandparents will stand in the way, demanding that she stay at home to look after them, especially if she is the only girl in the family.

  • Pray for improved resources and access to school and education for children in Bhutan.
  • Pray that families will realise the importance of education for girls and see how this can enhance and develop  their culture, rather than opposing it.
  • Pray that cycles of poverty and deprivation will be broken through increased education.
  • Pray that as children learn to read, they will have access to and understanding in their hearts of the Word of God.

Source: the 10/40 Reporter,






Pray that God will provide the resources and means for local schools, so young boys and girls will be benefitted, and cycles of poverty and deprivation will be broken (The Bible, Psalm 82:3).

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