Education in Iran

Iran’s record in education since the 1979 revolution is good. School is free, and for gifted students higher education is as well. The teacher to pupil ratio (about1:30) is reasonable; discipline through the single sex system is strong, and academic standards are high. Education, then, for most Iranians is a true learning experience.

However, the government does not only want to education: it wants to mold the minds of the young.

So education is very Islamic: a generous amount of the timetable is given to Islamic studies; all textbooks and teachers are vetted for religious orthodoxy; and failure in the Islamic examinations can seriously impede a student’s career. Those in the education system who fall out of line are swiftly dealt with, especially at the universities.

Despite this indoctrination it is clear from numerous internet blogs that no all minds have been molded; may question the Islamic creed.

Pray for students:

For Christians who have to be very wise in these institutions, especially in their witness

For staff and pupils to hear the gospel

For wisdom and strength for all teachers

Source: Iran 30

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