Efforts for reconciliation in Syria

Syria’s only ordained Anglican priest is seeking to help the Christian church in that land ‘to be a counter force … in the face of intolerance and aggression.’

Rev Nadim Nassar has an unusual approach. ‘Syrians are religious by nature. It is part of their DNA. They respect the clergy and listen to them. ‘Why not select a group of clergy from right across the board, take them to a neutral place, and have them issue a call to come to the table to end the madness?’

He sees the Christians, the Druze – who started the independence movement in Syria – and other minorities playing an important part. ‘The Druze have suffered because they have tried not to take sides,’ he said.

It needs the West, Russia and others to tell the various forces and factions that unless they come to the table there will be no more funding for their war effort.

Change needs radical thinking that walks away from the usual political dramas and invites creative acts to build reconciliation. Pray for Christian leaders in Syria and the ministry of reconciliation that the Church can lead that country in.

Source: http://www.lapidomedia.com/let-clergy-help-end-syria-madness

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