Egypt: 30 June protests

There are fears that Egypt is slipping into uncontrollable chaos. There are major protests planned for this weekend to demand that President Morsi step down. These protests are planned to coincide with the anniversary of his coming to power, 30 June 2012.

Tensions in Cairo have been rising ahead of the demonstrations planned for the weekend, with counter-demonstrations by Islamists in support of Mr Morsi planned for the coming days.

There have also been acute shortages of fuel in the city, leading to huge traffic jams as well as long and sometimes bad-tempered queues at petrol stations, adding to the febrile atmosphere.

Some Cairenes have begun stockpiling food in anticipation of street clashes between the two opposing political camps, with staples including canned goods, grains and frozen vegetables much sought after.

Security sources said the area around the presidential palace – the scene of previous clashes – was being closed off ahead of the rallies, in addition to deployments to protect other major public buildings.

Anti-Morsi activists say they have gathered 13 million signatures on a petition calling for the Islamist leader to step down. They want early presidential elections to be called to replace him.

His supporters say any move to unseat him now would be undemocratic.

This is a tense time in this nation and forces of evil are being unleashed that seek the destruction of God’s people. Pray for righteousness and justice to prevail and for God’s plans and purposes for this nation to be worked out, whoever is in power.


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