Egypt: Children being affected by the deteriorating situation

With Syria dominating the headlines, much of the world is forgetting the chaos in Egypt and how it has decimated the nation’s economy. The recent wave of violence and destruction roaring across Egypt since the Arab Spring  has taken a toll on younger generations there. Children are among the hardest hit. Some are even helping their families survive by picking through garbage.

Many young children are suffering trauma and older kids are wondering if hope and opportunity will be restored.

Some have even dropped out of school to support their family, even though Egypt’s constitution guarantees them a free education. Even then, the nation’s 25 percent youth employment rate makes it almost impossible to get a job.

While Egyptian law requires school attendance for kids ages 6 to 14, many young children don’t go and a third of girls in Upper Egypt never attend school.

Pray for children who face an uncertain future, increasing pressures from poverty on children, and for those who are reaching out to try to bring a sense of hope to children.

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