Egypt: Christian Minority

EGYPT ,مصرMiṣr Land of Pyramids and Pharaohs

Compared to other Arab countries, Egypt has a large Christian population with a very long history. Most Christians today are Coptic Orthodox, with Catholics and Protestants making a smaller percentage. All three churches are recognised by the government. In recent years, Christmas has even been instituted as a public holiday. While there is a certain degree of freedom, Christians suffer from persecution, discrimination, and are often restricted to lower ranked jobs in government and the military. Praise God the local church here is seeing fruit, its prayers are beginning to be answered.

The church asks you to pray:

  • For Christian background people who are broken and lost.
  • For revival in the Church to strengthen its faith and witness. Please pray for a love of the Bible and growth in trusting in Jesus.
  • For Love and Unity within churches and across denominations.
  • “That we won’t copy overseas foreign church styles and ministries but that we will find the Evangelism way that is unique, sustainable and culturally inclusive”.
  • For more political pressure from foreign governments to allow for freedom of religion that combats the pressure from Gulf countries for Islamisation.
  • That corporately and individually the church will see it has a responsibility to reach out to Majority.
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