Elections in Thailand

Ongoing protests in Thailand have seen the government call fresh elections. The opposition remains divided about whether it should take part in them. Words like deciding between elections and a revolution are creating anxiety about the future direction for this gentle South east Asian nation.

Thailand is the only country in south-east Asia to have escaped colonial rule. Buddhist religion, the monarchy and the military have helped to shape its society and politics.

Thailand has a minority Muslim, ethnic Malay population concentrated in its southern provinces.

A decades-old separatist struggle in the region – which abated in the 1980s – flared again in 2004. The violence has claimed more than 5,000 lives.

Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, expanded rapidly with the influx of workers during the boom years. It is one of Asia’s most vibrant and heavily-congested cities.

The large-scale sex industry that flourishes there contributed to the incidence of HIV infection – a major concern for the government.

With a population of almost 70 million, Thailand is now facing significant questions about its future. less than 1% of the population are Christian, but there is an open Church in the country.

Pray for the Church to be a voice for transformation in this troubled nation, for courage to hear God’s heart for the nation so it can be his representative in these times of change.

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