Ending domestic violence in Lebanon

In an event that marked International Women’s Day 2014, thousands of Lebanese marched through Beirut to demand that the government pass laws protecting women against domestic violence. Even though Lebanon is viewed as one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East, it has no laws protecting women who are victims of domestic violence.

A law has been drafted, but opposition from religious parties has meant it remains unapproved, and so many women continue to live without basic protections.

Campaigners say one woman is killed by her husband every month on average, while thousands are subjected to physical or verbal abuse every year. A number of alleged cases of domestic violence in the last year have drawn attention to the issue.

Not only is there no law against domestic violence, but a rapist can escape punishment if he marries his victim.

These are issues of injustice that leave women vulnerable to a range of abuses. Religion is being used as one defense against providing this protection. This is not religion that loves justice and mercy, and does what is right before God. Seek God for justice for those who are suffering injustices that demean, abuse and violate them.

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