Families in China

The rapid pace of social and economic change in China in recent decades has had a profound impact on families. While income levels have gone up steadily, divorce rates have also skyrocketed, new generation gaps have opened up between children, parents and grandparents, and domestic violence in on the rise.

China’s believers are increasingly recognising the unique role and potential that the church can play in reaching out to and supporting families that are under stress. In one large urban centre, local and foreign believers have partnered together to open and run an innovative family resource centre, where families are valued, strengthened, encouraged and equipped to become what God intended them to be. Paid staff and volunteers at the centre offer Parents and Tots classes, Parenting classes, Dating Well classes, Family events, and Home Schooling support from a biblical perspective.

From: Prayer for China’s Less Reached People

One Dad shared about practicing listening skills with his 15-year-old son, who only started to live with him at the age of 13. His son shared about difficulties at school and he ended up crying and sharing deeply.

  • Give thanks that China’s believers are beginning to embrace the tremendous opportunity and calling that they have to share God’s love with families around them that are under stress.
  • Pray that Christian families would model and lead the way in valuing family and the important role that families can have in local communities.
  • Pray for the value of the family to grow stronger that the pursuit of wealth and status
  • Pray for fragmented and broken families to be reunited and strengthened
  • Pray for healing for domestic violence victims
  • Ask God to set families free from the cycle of domestic violence.
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