Fear not, I have overcome

The number of conflicts in so many countries in Asia and the Arab World is staggering, and it seems that every day the stories of human depravity in these increase. Each side can justify their need to fight, to attack the other and blame them for their suffering. The weapons of destruction being unleashed against each other are devastating, both for loss of life and the social and economic cost. There are no winners.

It is easy to be afraid. Christians are often suffering great losses and Christian survival seems to be under threat. The latest works of ISIS in Iraq includes the marking of the homes of Christians for identification. Will Christianity in Iraq survive? Or in Syria? Or Palestine?

Jesus said that he had overcome. He reminded his children that they would face difficulties, persecution, suffering, but that they should not fear because he had overcome the world. Is it possible that Christians in these lands, living with such immediate and devastating loss and suffering can believe that and live it? What would it look like for them to live this way? What does it mean for God’s children everywhere to live this way, to hold hope for brothers and sisters who live with no earthly hope?

Pray for the truth of Jesus overcoming the world to live in each of our brothers and sisters living under such pressure; pray that we might live with them in this; pray for breakthroughs that see Jesus’ life, death and resurrection overcoming the world.

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