Fellowship for God’s people in Iran

Parastoo and her husband were faithful members of a house-church in their city. Then a few years ago a wave of arrests and harassment meant that continuing to meet together put them all in great danger: the church disbanded. Parastoo faithfully continued her daily devotions, but she had no female fellowship and soon felt dry and discouraged in her faith. She cried out for refreshment.

One day, out of the blue, Parastoo received an invitation to a women-only conference in the Iran region. She eagerly accepted and spent a week with fellow Iranian Christian women, where she was able to share her heart, receive Biblical teaching and exchange words of encouragement. Parastoo was baptised during the conference in answer to many years of prayer for such an opportunity.

“Attending the conference was a miracle: such an answer to prayer,” enthused Parastoo, “I had been living in a barren land. But at the conference I was both literally drenched with the water of baptism and spiritually drenched by His living water- His Word. The Lord has refreshed and renewed me, and shown me His faithfulness.”

Pray for
• More women like Parastoo to be able to attend conferences and be refreshed
• Encouragement for the many believers in Iran who lack regular fellowship

Source: http://www.iran30.org/reaching-iran/womens-conference-like-water-in-a-barren-land/

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