God at Work Through Local Missionaries

Omrao knew he was being watched – watched by men who didn’t want the other villagers to see the film he was showing that night.

A Blow Couldn’t Stop the Film Show

The day before, he and his ministry team had shown a movie about Jesus. Around 80 people had attended and listened to Omrao and his team share from the Word of God. Excited about the movie and the Good News they had heard, the villagers spread the word about another film showng, but this angered some of the young men in the village.

The men approached Omrao and began to threaten him and his team, warning them to stop showing the film and to leave their village. Omrao replied politely, saying they were not there to harm the people but to encourage them. He assured the young men they had not forced anyone to watch the film, but it was open to anyone who wanted to come.

When it came time to show the film, Omrao sat surrounded by 200 curious people who had gathered. He was hoping to avoid problems from the men who had threatened him, but at that moment, he realised the film equipment had been left unattended. He feared the young men could easily damage the costly tools, and wondered if this was such a good idea after all.

As he stood up and moved toward the projector, he prayed quietly from his heart. Just then, he felt a sharp blow on his shoulder as one of the young men struck him with a torch. Then the group of young men appeared and threatened him again, echoing what they had spoken the day before.

But God heard Omrao’s prayers. As the young men tried to stir up unrest, some of the elders of the village chased them away.

“Why are you trying to create problems here when everyone is watching the film?” the elders said, confronting the young men. “We want to watch the film, and we do not want any trouble here. Go away from here and do whatever you want outside. Do not disturb us.”

By God’s grace the young men left Omrao alone, and the 200 villagers were able to finish the film in peace that night.

  • Give thanks for Omrao, and for many other local mission people working in S.E Asia.
  • Pray for them and their families, for protection and strength as many face persecution and threats in the areas where they serve.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to work through films and other media used to tell the Gospel in otherwise unreached areas. Pray for many to encounter Jesus, His hope, love and grace.

Psalm 109 vs 31: “For he stands at the right hand of the needy, to save them from those who would condemn them to death.”

Source: http://gospelforasia-reports.org

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