God has not forgotten Syria

Syria 4 years on. Human rights organisations, and the Syrian people themselves, are calling out to be heard in world that has “crisis fatigue.” The stories of war, terror and refugees are increasingly being ignored, shunted out of the sight, heard with ears that are deaf to the cries of the suffering, eyes and hearts that are hardened and desensitised to images of war.

But our God is neither deaf, blind nor hardened. He hears every cry and knows the depth of the suffering of the hearts that cry out to be heard.

He hears … and He calls us to hear too. To listen with our hearts to the stories, such as from this woman living in Damascus, and to cry out to God on behalf of these people:

“We had a house and we lived with dignity, my family and my home were my life.

When the revolution started we were overwhelmed and excited about change. But then I lost my husband and my son. We then lost our house, I basically lost everything one day at a time.

The revolution gave us nothing, we did not get anything but destruction and blood. I lived under the worst conditions in the past four years of my life. I lived in pain, I saw pain in other peoples’ lives.

I now live with my four children in a cave that I call a room … It is neither safe nor hygienic but it is all I can afford. I pay rent for it too. Only God knows.

Before the revolution we lived in oppression, and after the revolution started we still live in oppression and we continue to do so everyday … Now we pay the price for other peoples’ mistakes. We never lived in freedom, we still do not live in freedom and I do not know if we ever will.”

  • Pray for Syria. For people such as this woman and her family, living in desperate situations with no hope of change. Pray that they will know the God who loves them and cries with them.
  • Pray for a desire for peace from all warring factions and agreement to work together towards peace and reconciliation.
  • Pray that we in the world will not forget Syria or become compassion fatigued. Pray that we will be faithful in praying for this nation and its people that are so dear to God’s heart.

Isaiah 49 vs 15: “Can a woman forget her nursing-child, or show no compassion for the child of her womb? Even these may forget, yet I will not forget you.”

Source: http://www.aljazeera.com

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