Gospel Continues to be Broadcast Across Iraq

Most of Baghdad’s Christians have fled the city and its endless violence, but one Iraqi pastor has not only stayed behind – he’s continuing to lead Iraq’s first Christian radio station.

Pastor Maher founded 102.9 FM in Baghdad ten years ago, as a way to reach Iraqis with the Gospel.

Prayer- Man's Hands

“When we started this project, it was a pioneering project,” Pastor Maher Fouad told CBN News. “No one ever applied for a radio station in the history of Iraq, especially a Christian radio station.”

“During the time, violence was a major problem in Baghdad, with the sounds of explosions and car bombs,” Pastor Maher said. “And out of all these radio stations that broadcast violence and negative news, our radio station appeared broadcasting the Gospel and the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

Since then, the violence has continued – and so has Pastor Maher. The programmes broadcast daily from the radio station now reach up to 8 million people in and around Baghdad.

“I pray publicly on our radio station so all the Iraqis will hear it.” he said. “Not only Christians but also Muslims call us live on the air requesting that we pray for them.

“The situation here in Baghdad is not only bad, it is very bad. When ISIS occupied Ramadi, we became in danger because Ramadi is not very far away from Baghdad. On one side, we have ISIS threatening us. And the second danger we face is from car bombs and explosions.”

But Pastor Maher remains on the air, and, in 2010, with the help of U.S.-based High Adventure Ministries, he established another Christian radio station in Basra, southern Iraq. That station can be heard as far away as neighbouring Kuwait and Iran.

“We rejoice because many, many people are listening and receiving the message and are responding to the message of the Gospel,” Pastor Maher said.

  • Give thanks for the message of hope and love that is broadcast across Iraq, in the face of growing conflict and violence.
  • Pray for those who listen to these radio stations, that they will encounter the living Christ, and place their lives in His hands of grace.
  • Pray for protection on Pastor Maher and his team who work at the radio stations. They have received many death threats because of their work – pray that those who would do them harm will, themselves, come to know the truth of the Gospel and Jesus.
  • Pray for peace in Iraq and across the Middle East.

Ephesians 6 vs 19: “ Pray also for me, so that when I speak, a message may be given to me to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel

Source: http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/world, http://www.persecution.org


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