• India, the second country with over one billion people, and the world’s largest secular democracy is also home to the largest number of Hindus.
  • 800+ million Hindus; most live in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Malaysia; millions more reside in South Africa, the USA, the UK, on Mauritius, Fiji, in Guyana, Myanmar, Trinidad & Tobago.
  • India’s Diaspora (Indians living abroad) is estimated at over 15 million; many are in instrumental positions in the IT industry.
  • Many of the world’s remaining unreached peoples are Hindu.
  • While Nepal’s Christians have increased dramatically, they still number only one percent of the population in this officially Hindu kingdom.
  • Much of the religious transformation taking place in the Western world (New Age thinking, etc.) has its intellectual and spiritual roots in India.

Pray for spiritual breakthroughs among Hindu peoples, for encounters with the living Lord Jesus in the miraculous and through his people, for binding of the spirit within Hinduism that will accept Jesus as one of the many gods.

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