Hope for Indonesian Christians

The President of Indonesia, along with the Ministers for Religious and Home Affairs is proposing a bill to present before Parliament within the next six months, that has significant implications for Christians in Indonesia. The bill, if passed, will protect the rights to religious freedom of all minorities, including Christians. It also proposes removing religious identity from the national ID cards, and making it easier for non-Muslims to get permits for places of worship.

For Christians in Indonesia, life is not easy. With the rise of radical Islamic groups has come a rise in cases of violence and abuse, often specifically targeting  Muslim Background believers, but also aimed at Christians in general. In addition, last year saw more than 30 churches of various denominations forced to close and/or attacked.

There is, then, a very real hope that, with the newly elected president and this proposed law change, the situation for Christians and other religious minorities will ease and bring about a greater freedom for the church and for Christians to openly share their faith and the love of Jesus in their communities.

  • Pray that this bill will go before Parliament without hindrance, and be passed without protest.
  • Pray for restoration of freedom for the Church.
  • Pray that all Indonesians will have the opportunity to choose their faith without interference and come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour

Romans 10 vs 1: “Brothers and sisters, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved”

Source: http://reporter.win1040.com; http://reporter.win1040.com

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