Imagine and pray: unreached peoples in Tibet

Sichuan’s Ethnic Corridor runs along the edge of the Tibetan Plateau and is home to at least a dozen unreached people groups officially classified as Tibetans, but who speak languages very different from Tibetan and who have unique cultural features and religious practices too. There are explorations looking at openings among the Arsu, Muya and Namuyi groups. The Muya numbering 15,000 live ¬†around Mt Gonga. They have a distinct language and culture and event their own Tibetan Buddhist monastery in which Muya is spoken.

How can God break into these communities? Imagine believers spending time living among these people, sharing life, building redemptive relationships. Imagine! There are many challenges to living in this area, but imagine and pray. Imagine hearts prepared so when they meet someone, they are ready and eager for meeting Jesus. Imagine divine encounters through dreams and visions, recognition of every evidence of the greatness of God in that area.

Imagine and pray. Impacting peoples is God’s work; we’re called to play a small part in this story through prayer.

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