Indonesia is home to over 100 unreached people groups including the world’s largest, the Sundanese (32 million). Pray for one of these ethnic groups, such as:

  • The Madurese: historically resistant to the gospel (population: 20 million)
  • The Malay: easygoing with strong cultural roots (12 million)
  • The Minangkabau: creative and flexible (eight million)
  • The Bugis: independent, fierce, but friendly (seven million)
  • The Acehnese, who number four million, and whose province was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Pray about national issues:

  • Endemic corruption affecting every level of society including the Church
  • Fanaticism breeding ethnic and religious hatred
  • The President and his government as they seek to tackle these issues.

Pray for the Indonesian Christians:

  • For victims of violence, church-burnings and persecution, particularly those in the Maluku islands and Central Sulawesi.
  • For a vision and a willingness among Indonesian Christians to go to others in their country who have not heard the gospel.
  • For Muslim background believers who need great wisdom to know how to express their faith in Christ and great strength to persevere.


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