Iran: Bible for all

A brand new TV series has been filmed for Christians in Iran and the region: ‘Bible for all’ brings clear, applicable Bible teaching to a Persian-speaking audience. Please pray with us as the series is edited, and ask for extraordinary impact when it is broadcast later this year.

‘Bible for All’ was produced because many Iranian Christians asked for more Bible teaching on TV. Many of the Christian TV shows that are produced for Iranian audiences are primarily evangelistic. Fewer delve deeply into Biblical teaching. So there is a great need for practical and easy to understand teaching to take Christians deeper in their faith and their understanding of Scripture. This is exactly what ‘Bible for all’ aims to do. The show is also accessible to non-believers as it uses simple language that all can understand.

Satellite TV broadcasts are especially important for those brothers and sisters who cannot meet in fellowship with other believers. To isolated Christians, TV teaching really is a lifeline. Praise God for the provision of resources that make the production of these shows possible.

Pray for

Wisdom and guidance in the editing process
Many to be taken deeper in their faith through the series
Isolated believers to be especially encouraged and built up


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