Iran: New Bible Translation

Elam’s translation of the Bible into modern Persian was completed on Friday, December 13, after 18 years of work. A team of faithful translators have labored to give Iran a Bible that is accurate, elegant and clear. Working alongside some of the best Hebrew and Greek consultants in the world, every word has been checked with the original languages. The work to typeset and finalize files for printing is already underway, and Elam’s goal is to print and distribute 100,000 copies of the Bible in 2014.

Iranian Christians have been eagerly awaiting the completion of the translation for years. The New Testament was completed in 2003 and has already had a significant impact in Iran. Over one million copies are in print. Now with the Old Testament ready, this new translation of the whole Bible will play a crucial role in strengthening and expanding the church in the Iran region.

Pray for:

• Wisdom and strength for production and distribution
• Funding needed for the first print run
• Blessing for the future ministries of the translation team


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