Iran: the economy a crash victim in intensive care

While President Rouhani campaigns to get the sanctions lifted, the economy – recently likened to a ‘crash victim in intensive care’ by an Iranian MP – is still causing misery for millions.

A lot of the misery is inflation. President Rouhani says it is now running at about 40%, a much higher figure than was ever acknowledged by the previous government.

Some of the price hikes have been eased by cash handouts. These were paid to most Iranians when the government stopped subsidizing basic goods in 2011. Now the government can’t afford these handouts unless they raise energy prices or reduce the amount paid in cash. Either way it means more misery for ordinary Iranians.

In times of financial hardship Christians can suffer more, as their work situation is usually less stable. Because they are Christians, they can be easily fired; and if mistreated financially, their voice counts for little in the legal system.

This is a time for the church to hold out a generous helping hand to the poor and to demonstrate once again that the God of Jesus Christ is able to provide.

Pray for
• Economy to improve
• Provision for Christians
• Churches to be known for generosity

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