Iran: When God makes a difference

Anyone would have said that Afshin had it made. He was a celebrated player on Iran’s youth soccer team. He got to travel the world and represent his country on the pitch. But things were not all they seemed. Afshin was broken inside, and he was experimenting with drugs. Soon he became addicted to heroin: he was dropped from the team and his life fell apart.

Afshin was sleeping rough on the streets in a European city when a Christian found him, took him in and began to care for him. It was not long before Afshin’s heart was moved by this Christian’s living testimony of love; as Afshin came to know the grace of Jesus Christ, he repented and began to trust in Him. After two years of discipleship Afshin continues to grow in faith and is now reaching out to alcoholics in his city. He is actively showing many lost people the love and grace that was shown to him, and many of them are, in turn, trusting in the Lord.

Grace is abounding. The church is growing. Praise be to God.

Pray for:
• Continued growth for Afshin
• Healing and salvation for the many alcoholics to whom he ministers
• Many more servants of the Lord to be raised up for this work


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