Iran: Women suffer acid attacks in Isfahan

Street rallies and social media protests are ongoing in Iran following a spate of acid attacks on women in Isfahan in recent weeks. The women were reportedly attacked due to their not adhering to strict dress codes and not properly wearing their head coverings. Horrified members of the public are protesting in Tehran and Isfahan and demanding justice for the victims.

Sources differ on how many women have suffered the disfiguring attacks, but Isfahan residents said that there had been more than a dozen; enough to prompt many women to stay indoors. The acid attacks appear to be part of a violent campaign to punish women deemed “badly veiled”. Authorities postulate that the attacks may be the work of just a few vigilantes. But many believe that the government helped set the stage for attacks against those deemed immodest by enacting a parliamentary measure providing protection to citizens who act on their own to help enforce the country’s strict social mores.

Women and their families in Isfahan say they are terrified. “I wear a face mask when I go on the streets,” said Niloofar Abdolhasani, 22, an architecture student. “My friends usually wear a lot of makeup, but when I saw them yesterday they were unrecognizable. We can all be victims. I hope this will be over soon.”

Pray for

The injured women to recover physically and psychologically
The new law to be repealed and perpetrators to be brought to justice
Women in Iran to discover their worth in Jesus

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