Iranian Christian Faces Threat of New Charges.

Iranian Christians are requesting prayer for Saeed Abedini, an American Iranian Christian, imprisoned in Iran since September 26th, 2012.

Iran- Saeed Abedini

Since Saeed was imprisoned, the government has repeatedly said that his eight-year sentence could be extended, and a family member visiting Saeed last Wednesday at Rajaei Shahr Prison, learned that new charges may be brought against him.

Saeed told family members that his interrogators abused him verbally and physically, and during interrogation last week, they repeatedly used a taser gun on him.

The interrogators claim that Saeed has connections with anti-government groups and has made statements and taken actions against the government. Saeed denies the allegations, and has consistently asserted that he poses no threat to the government but was in Iran to help with the building of a government-approved orphanage.

In 2009, Saeed was warned by the government about his involvement with house churches in Iran, and so, his subsequent visits focussed solely on humanitarian activities. Saeed was detained in 2012, while visiting his parents and conducting humanitarian aid work. In January 2013, he was convicted on charges relating to anti-state activities (derived from his involvement with house fellowships) and sentenced to eight years imprisonment.

Saeed has joint Iranian-US citizenship and his wife and their two children live in the United States.

  • Pray for Saeed, and for other Iranian Christians in prison. Pray for strength, hope and protection over them and their families.
  • Pray that the Iranian Government will drop charges any additional charges against Saeed, and that he will be released soon.
  • Pray for his family in America, for strength and hope and peace to cover them at this time of uncertainty.
  • Pray that, through Saeed and other Christians in prison, their guards will hear of Jesus and respond to the Gospel the its truth.

Hebrews 13 vs 3: “Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are ill-treated as if you yourselves were suffering.”




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