Iranian Christians: the power of their story

Mehdi had a profound encounter with the Lord. He told his story to Nasreen, who found herself intrigued. Unable to deny Mehdi’s transformation, Nasreen later surrendered her life to Jesus. Nasreen then told her own story to Parvin. Parvin did not see herself as religious and did not like theological debates, but she was happy to hear her friend tell a story. Parvin’s own heart was softened, and she gave her heart to Jesus.

Everyone loves a good story. And everyone has a story to tell. Given Persia’s rich story-telling heritage, it’s not surprising that in Iran stories are at the heart of evangelism. Christians are winning people for Christ by telling their personal stories of redemption and transformation, and inviting their listeners to join the great meta-narrative of the universe: the story of God’s Kingdom come. The risk may be higher, and it may take more courage in Iran, but story-telling between individuals remains the most powerful vehicle for people to discover the Gospel.

Elam recently received training from professional Hollywood story-tellers, who gave insight into how to tell stories in the most engaging ways. This wisdom will be passed on to Elam’s leadership students and graduates in the region, to help them tell their powerful and wonderful stories of God’s grace in ever more engaging and profound ways. Please pray that more people would come to repentance as a result, and all the Glory be to God.

Pray for
• Iranian Christians to bravely and powerfully share their stories with others
• Many to come to Jesus through hearing others testimonies
• Iranian pastors as they integrate stories into their sermons


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