Iranian Christians

Iranian Christians have requested our prayers following the arrest on 5th March of three believers, Amin Khaki, Hossein Barunzadeh and Rahman Bahman. They were arrested near Shoush, Khuzestan province, together with five other believers, while attending a picnic. The other five present were questioned for several hours and released. The security agents reportedly had arrest warrants for Amin and Hossein, but not for the others.
Amin, a deacon in the fellowship led by Behnam Irani (detained since May 2011), has faced problems from the authorities in recent years. He was arrested on 10th May 2010 in Karaj, charged with anti-government activity and given a one-year suspended sentence (suspended for five years). On 15th December 2013 the homes of Amin and several associates were searched and computer equipment confiscated. It is understood that a travel ban was imposed on Amin and another church leader in February 2014, forbidding them from leaving Alborz province. If so, he was in breach of this order at the time of his arrest.
There are concerns that these travel bans and the latest arrests are part of a wider campaign to restrict the movement and activities of known ministry leaders.
Christians supporting these believers request our prayers that:
a.  Amin, Hossein and Rahman will know the peace and presence of Jesus each day, and will remain faithful to Jesus and clear in their testimony
b.  They will be released soon
c.  Ministry leaders throughout Iran will know the Spirit’s guiding wisdom when confronted with pressures and restrictions from the authorities
d.  Behnam and others detained in Iran for their faith or Christian activities will know the Lord’s daily enabling and healing, be cleared of all unjust charges and released
e.  All officials involved will love mercy, act justly, learn about Jesus and choose to follow Him.

Source: Middle East Concern

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