Iraq and Syria

Join us to pray for the families and communities affected by the conflict in Syria and across the wider Middle East.

A Prayer of Response
God, thank you for glimpses of grace in the darkness of despair.
For the hospitality that welcomes strangers,
for the welcome that overcomes political tensions,
for the stories of landlords offering blankets and food instead of taking rent,
for ‘dignity kits’ provided for new mothers where female needs are often neglected,
and for solidarity reached over short borders we give you thanks.

May solidarity extend beyond geography into our hearts,
may the underlying knowledge of devastation in Syria surface in our minds,
may the peripheral awareness of trauma become a central concern,
may we be moved by compassion to respond to the ‘almost impossible need’,
and may the international community finally stand up and be counted.

For the hundreds of thousands who know
the harshness of freezing temperatures,
the insecurity of homelessness,
the pain of hunger,
the loss of protection, and
the fear of the unknown.
Denied the dignity of what it is to be human.
God, we pray for them warmth, security, food and peace.

Give wisdom to those who seek resolution to this conflict,
who take on this challenge for which there is no solution in sight.
Turn things around on this Damascus road, blind the forces of violence,
and make persecutors messengers of peace.

Source: CryOut

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