Iraq: Christians fleeing

To the Body of Christ worldwide, as you all are following what’s happening in the Middle East lately, there is an unleashing of a spirit of slaughtering of God’s people in Iraq, and many other geographical areas as well, a sword is passing in this area.

Together with many Christians around the world, we felt the need to pray and fast to stop these blood thirsty demons who march there, and ask for the Prince of Peace to reign over the Middle East.

The urgency of the hour, comes not only from the escalating numbers of martyrs, and innocent people’s lives taken down but as well from the warning of the Holy Spirit to the Church in the Middle East as well as in the rest of the world (Esther 4:13& 14). If we don’t stand, it will reach many other nations soon, but if we do stand in the gap, THE LORD WILL USHER A NEW ERA OF HARVEST, there is a GOLDEN WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY during the next 2 weeks to stop this, so lets use it…

Psalm 2 speaks of plans plotted by the enemy against the Messiah and His people, but the Lord will give us the nations as our inheritance.

Shall we cry “Lord rend the heavens and come down” Isaiah 64:1-4 and put an end to that season…

Lets all unite for 5 minutes prayer Sunday, August 10 and 17, all the churches world-wide, for the oppressed in the Middle East. You will not change your programs but you will just take 5 minutes in focused prayers for the Middle East.

As well, unite all of us in FASTING & PRAYING WEDNESDAY August 13th.

May the Lord have mercy on us and bring in a new season of great harvest globally.

Source: CryOut

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