Iraq, Syria

Crucifixions. Beheadings. Heads fixed upon poles surrounding cities, with headless bodies crumpled below. Ethnic cleansing. Teaching schoolchildren to be barbarians. This is what Christians face if they stay in Iraq. Nearly all Believers have fled or been murdered.

“I want to kill infidels,” the 7-year-old said quietly. His uncle knelt beside him, prompting the boy. “Do you want to be a jihadist, or execute a suicide mission?” After looking to the men around him, the boy whispered, “A jihadist.” He smiled shyly and then hid his face.

His older brother of 13 pushed the youngster aside. Raising his gun, he angrily screamed. “Today we’ve declared the Caliphate1. We’ll destroy the enemies of our religion, everyone who fought the Islamic State!”

The rapid growth of IS2 has alarmed Christian Believers, locally and abroad. Thousands of Iraqi and Syrian Christians fled for their lives last month. Some left behind their own children who were too weak to run. IS kidnapped young girls and women and sold them as slaves. They also attacked churches and raised their flags on churches. They called upon their gods inside Christian churches.

The recent military success of IS during Ramadan encouraged jihadists. This summer they overtook parts of Iraq and Syria. IS viciously killed thousands of dissidents. They believe their caliphate is the fulfillment of a prophecy in the Qur’an. IS currently has an estimated $2 billion in their war chest. They offer handsome payment to its recruits. IS desires to expand beyond Iraq and Syria. It has its sights set on Jordan and Israel. Militants threaten to raise their black flag in America’s White House.

What will it take to capture the attention of Christians globally? What will propel them to pray? Never in our lifetimes have we faced such a serious threat. How many Iraqi tears must fall before Christians cry out for divine intervention? How many children will become murderers? How many will be murdered?

Come alongside our Brothers and Sisters in the nation of Iraq and Syria. Cry out to God with tears on their behalf. Seek God for ways you can help. Pray that the Lord soundly defeats this evil.

Source: WinNetwork


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