Iraqi Children’s Hope in the Darkness.

Children have a huge capacity to see the silver lining in the storm clouds of life, even in Iraq,where the storm of violence from ISIL has been relentless, and many are beginning to wonder if things will ever be different in their home country.

Open Doors is currently ministering in a holistic way to 15,000 refugee families in the Kurdistan area of northern Iraq. A few Iraqi children, who had to flee their homes in the summer of 2014, are receiving counselling and, as a part of this, were asked to draw their dreams. Iraq- trauma counseling drawing- children

One 13-year-old drew this picture, and said, “I dream of becoming an architect, and go back to my city and rebuild it.”

There are now an estimated 1.5 million displaced people living in northern Iraq, including over 100,000 Christians. Overall, there are 2 million displaced people in Iraq.

The Open Doors trauma counselling program is aiming to expand its vital ministry over 2015 by adding much needed, additional counsellors.

  • Pray for Open Doors Ministry, that they will have the resources needed to extend their much needed counselling ministry in Iraq.
  • Pray for children and adults receiving help through Open Doors and similar organisations, that they will find healing and hope, and come to know Jesus, the source of all life and hope.
  • Pray for Iraq, for peace to come to this troubled land.

Psalm 102 vs 17: “He will regard the prayer of the destitute, and will not despise their prayer.”


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