ISIL Followers Becoming Christ Followers

Muhammad (not his real name) was watching Dr. Michael Youssef’s television show “Leading the Way”, when he thought of calling the number on the screen as a prank and killing the person who would answer his call. When he called, the ISIL leader spoke to ministry worker Peter (not his real name) and asked to meet with him, according to the Gospel Herald.

Peter had been trained to screen callers who ask for personal meetings, but he felt that God was leading him to share the Gospel with Muhammad. When they came face to face, the ministry worker shared the message of God’s love and Jesus Christ’s gift of salvation.

Muhammad was touched by the message and felt that God was speaking to his heart, and reportedly, even saw God in a dream. He later renounced his sins, shaved his beard to show that he was leaving Islam, and decided to embrace Christianity.

During their second meeting, Muhammad revealed his original plan to Peter and asked forgiveness from both God and Peter.

Speaking of Mohammed, Dr. Youssef said: “This former ISIL leader is now your brother in Christ. His conversion happened just weeks ago, and by God’s mercy and grace, he has been baptised and is already serving Christ where he lives.”

There have been a number of stories about former Muslims embracing Christianity after seeing Jesus in their dreams in the past couple of years. In June 2015, The Christian Post published an article about how an ISIL fighter who had killed Christians left Islam after a man clad in white appeared to him in a dream and reprimanded him for “killing his people.”

Just before he killed one Christian, his victim gave him a Bible, which he later read. The ISIL fighter then had another dream about Jesus asking him to be His follower.

This story prompted Christian media  to urge believers not to close their doors to ISIL militants, because God can and is reaching out to them to transform them.

  • Give thanks for Mohammed, and for the many other former ISIL fighters who have given their lives to Christ Jesus. Pray for these men, as they face death themselves for having converted to Christianity. Pray that they will find safe havens of shelter within the Church communities.
  • Pray for Churches and believers to open their doors to these new believers, without fear, and to walk beside them, encouraging them to grow in their new found faith.
  • Pray that the Holy spirit will continue to work in the hearts of ISIL followers, for many to have dreams and visions of Jesus Christ and for the truth of the Gospel to be revealed to their hearts.

Romans 1 vs 16: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel; it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who has faith,


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