Jobs for Christians in Iran

When Muslims become Christians, they can easily lose their jobs because of their new faith. The economy is dominated by the Islamic government. From the biggest factories to the smallest farms, bureaucrats are in the background. Many Christian converts tread wisely and sometimes manage to keep their jobs. But often word gets out and they are forced to resign, or they are fired. Islamic employers usually will not tolerate apostates. Setting up their own businesses is also fraught with danger, as acquiring the necessary paper work means dealing with the state.

Though Iran’s ethnic minority Christians, the Assyrians and Armenians, do not face the same level of intimidation, they have still found employment and business very challenging. The best jobs are always reserved for Muslims.

The business world doesn’t operate on a level playing field either. It is dominated by Islamic charities that fund businesses using the massive income generated from religious shrines and mosques. At every stage insiders are given preferential treatment.

This inequality impacts everyone, but especially minorities like Christians. To properly support their family some conclude their only choice is to leave the country.

Pray against discrimination and for Christians to find favour with their employers, for Christians to devise ingenious ways of creating businesses and providing employment, for Christians to be a good example at work.

Source: Iran 30

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