Kham Tibetans

The Kham Tibetans have always been known as fierce warriors. They live along the border of the Tibetan plateau and have often been called upon to be royal guards. Although circumstances have changed, they still have a strong sense of loyalty. They are very proud of who they are and are keen to preserve their heritage.

Western Sichuan, home to most of the Kham Tibetans, is very mountainous. This has resulted in many spoken dialects. About half of the people are nomads. The others are farmers. Many people have never left their home villages and are still very isolated. Many people only speak their own dialect and are unable to communicate with those ‘outside’.

The Kham are staunchly religious, practicing Tibetan Buddhism. everything they do is purposeful. they are constantly aware of the spirit world and are actively working to stay on the good side of their many deities. While they realise that there is no real hope for them to attain enlightenment in this life, and the next, and the next. Kham Tibetans believe that religion is a good thing. They pity those who have nothing to believe in and are interested in discussing many different religious views.

The Kham are in a constant state of imbalance. They love their families deeply, yet are working towards shedding all desire. They want to share life with people, but are afraid of getting too close because, ultimately, sugaring (death, separation, disappointment, etc) will come. They are never sure if they have done enough good deeds to outweigh their numerous accidental sins.

Their are few believers, and those who do come to faith are spread out and many never meet another believer.

Pray for:

  • healthy, multiplying, indigenous churches to be birthed
  • Christian resources to be translated, produced, and put in the hands of those who need them
  • believers to have opportunities to live in the mountainous communities
  • whole families to come to the Father together
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