Landmine victims in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of the most heavily mined countries in the world. The laying of mines goes back all the way to the Soviet invasion and subsequent occupation. There have been an estimated 400,000 mine victims in Afghanistan since 1991 and over 200,000 more have been disabled by a mine. An estimated 20 civilians a day, including women and children fall victim to the mines, and many die after they are maimed due to the lack of sufficient health care. Many are left as amputees unable to walk and take care of themselves. Without sufficient rehabilitation clinics and treatment many people struggle to survive and provide for themselves daily.

Mine clearance teams have been working for years to demine the country, but it is a slow and laborious process. One step in the wrong direction can prove fatal, as it has with many young children just running about with their kites in a field. Lined by rocks that are painted crimson red, the minefields are marked as they are cleared, but sometimes it is too late. Afghans face injury or death on a daily basis because the landmines are buried underground and usually in ways that are appealing to small children. Many of the mines were shaped like butterflies or toys that were filled with liquid explosives that ignite on contact, severing hands.

Prayer Points
  • That more demining teams would arrive in Afghanistan to help clear the mined fields.
  • That Christian medical workers would come and serve among the Afghans that are maimed in mine accidents
  • That Jesus would reveal Himself as the Great Physician to those that are injured by mines.


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