Laos endures as one of only five Marxist-Leninist countries left in the world. China and Vietnam, both major financial donors to the nation, support its communist government. Laos struggles to keep its economic footing. Christian Believers are severely persecuted, especially those living in the countryside. The more remote a Christian is, the greater the persecution. The long-standing domination of Buddhism violently tries to crowd out a Christian presence. Buddhists desire a pure Laos with only Buddhism observed. The communist presence also wants to see Believers gone, as it is convinced Christianity is a foreign intrusion.

According to the Global Post, “The domestic business climate has steadily improved over the last several years.” Additionally, the Lao Garment Industry Association reports a five percent increase in exports. Praise God for Laos’ improved economy. Praise Him for His abundant provision (The Bible, Psalm 132:15)!

The Communist government and Buddhist leaders both persecute the Lao Church. Christian Believers face forced conversion to Buddhism, imprisonment, and even death. Ask the Lord to protect His children in Laos from violence and abuse (The Bible, 2 Samuel 22:3-4).
Open Doors says, “Conducting Church activities require government permission, but the government rarely gives consent.” Pray for the government to loosen its restrictions on Christian churches. Pray for Lao Believers to continue proclaiming the Gospel (The Bible, Acts 5:42).
Lao women are helping the nation destroy approximately 80 million unexploded bombs left behind from the Vietnam War. Praise God for the women’s willingness to tackle such a dangerous job. Ask the Lord to shield them from harm as they work (The Bible, Psalm 28:7).

Source: WinNetwork

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