Lebanon: Tripoli

Tripoli-located in North Lebanon and the second largest city in the country– has been one of Lebanon’s turbulent hot spots for many years: ongoing fighting between Sunni and Alawite groups, the flashpoint for the Nahr Al Bared conflict, and other recent confrontations between local militants and the Lebanese army. In the last month the reach of the extremist movement Islamic State was felt when several church walls were defaced and crosses burned near them. There are only a handful of local churches and other believers reaching out to the city. Efforts of others to live and minister in Tripoli have met with great resistance, including a Lebanese believer killed by a doorstep bomb.

There seems to be a spirit of radicalization and extremism operating powerfully in the city. Yet, God continues to stir the flame of faith in and among believing residents and to draw Lebanese and foreign workers toward Tripoli to pray for the city, reach out to the city, and search for ways to see a stronger expression of the Kingdom of God established.

Going before the Father

  • Praise God for His love for the city of Tripoli and His willingness to continue to stretch out His hands to its people.
  • Thank Him for turning the attention of many churches and workers toward prayer for Tripoli and seeking ways to reach its community.
  • Please pray against extremism and radicalization throughout the Near East.
  • Pray for open hearts and people of peace who will receive those coming to share with them and become part of the growing base of the Kingdom garden that is being planted in the city.

Source: CryOut

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