While the New Year offered opportunity to reflect on the blessings and successes of the past, Libyan Christian Believers faced an ominous future of persecution. Libyan Christians were jolted as their government voted in January to uphold Sharia Law as the ruling legislative arm. In addition, its constitution is now based on Sharia Law. Islam will control all banking, financial, and criminal cases.

This came after NATO fought for Libya’s democratic freedom on behalf of the repressed Libyans. However, Islamic militants have gained strength in Libya and in the Middle East. Their vengeance on Christians has grown.

Islamic militants, in the past two years, increased their manhunts for Christians, taking some out earlier this year to beat, torture, and murder them execution style. According to USA Today, police arrested suspected missionaries after discovering they possessed 45,000 Christian books and distributed 25,000 others.

This year, Libya climbed from a persecution ranking of 13 to 17 on the Open Doors World Watch List. Since then, Christians from Egypt and Libya suffer violence and death in religious sectarian violence.

Fox News reported, after an American teacher was shot to death while jogging in December, that Christians and other non-Muslims have seen Islamic extremist power “underscored.”

With the death of Omar Kaddafi, under whom Christians enjoyed a measure of freedom to practice their faith, another leader of a more repressive strain took hold of office. New Prime Minister Ahmed Maiteeq told officials that he intended for all political forces to form a “crisis government”.

PRAY that the new Prime Minister will be compassionate and fair in his treatment of Christians (The Bible, 1 Timothy 2:1-2).

PRAY that the Islamic powers that filled the political void of this recovering nation will relent of their plans for persecution (The Bible, Luke 4:18).

PRAY that Libyan Christians will display such love and boldness that the hearts of their oppressors will turn to Jesus (The Bible, 2 Corinthians 4:5-11).


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