Libya: deteriorating situation in country

The demise of Colonel Ghadaffi led many to believe that a new day of opportunity was dawning in Libya. However, the situation in recent weeks has deteriorated significantly, adding to an already unstable situation. The government has struggled to form and become a source of leadership for the country. Militias have increased attacks against governments, foreign embassies, those opposed to them, and foreigners seeking to work in the country. Rogue elements in the army are fighting their own battles, ostensibly against Islamic groups, but others would claim to assert their own authority and gain power. Militant Islamic groups are increasingly finding opportunity to exert influence and disrupt life for those who would oppose their form of Islamic government. Kidnappings and car-jackings are increasingly common, and the killing of Christians has become a more normal phenomena.

All of this has led many who were seeking ways of being salt and light in this nation to leave, or at least drastically reduce their presence and activities. Libya remains a desperately need nation, where the gospel and the transformation of the coming of the kingdom is still to be evidenced. While the presence of Christian witness may be limited within the country, we cry out for mercy, for the presence of God through the miraculous to bring change. Join in praying for this nation and its people.

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