Libya: The cost of war on children

The call it Libya’s other crisis, the impact of war on children.

The most obvious threats to children are the weapons around them. Landmines and explosive remnants of war contaminate areas around Misrata, Ajdabiya and the Nafusa Mountains. Cities and towns are now awash in small arms from weapons caches that were opened following the start of the conflict.

These dangers cannot be overstated. When children come across these weapons, they sometimes collect them as trophies or for scrap metal, putting their lives at grave risk.

In some cases, the damage done to children by the conflict is not physical, but psychological. Many Libyan children who have been through traumatic experiences are now in urgent need of psycho-social support.

As the situation continues to destabilize, children will continue to be the unseen victims. With little hope of a return to normalcy soon, we must stand in the gap and pray for children in Libya.

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