Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag

Meriam gave birth to a daughter in a prison in Sudan at the end of last week. There has been increasing pressure on the Sudanese government to release her. Despite reports that Meriam was going to be released, she remains in prison and continues to face the death sentence for apostasy. Reports that she would be released, which brought rapid praise from many who have followed this story, proved to be something taken out of context according to Sudanese authorities.

Even if Meriam had been released, the question remained as to whether she would be allowed to live, given the way her case has become so high profile. There are the official means of dealing with these issues and the unofficial. For now, Meriam faces the possibility of two years to nurse her baby and then the death sentence.

Let’s remember to pray for her, her husband, and for the Sudanese authorities who are responsible for this decision and for carrying it out.

But let us also pray for many who are caught in this vexed position regarding their identity when they choose to follow Jesus, and not Islam. The question of identity is a major one for those who follow Jesus out of Islam. Pray for them to find their new found identity in Christ serving their practical emotional and social needs, as well.

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