Middle East: Human trafficking

Even though the Middle East seems to be more conservative in terms of moral values, dress code etc, it is no strange thing to see Gypsy women standing next to the high way in Lebanon (even in daylight), ready to be picked up by men. Gypsy women are pressured to bring in the money, as Gypsy men quite often don’t work and are not ashamed to send off their daughters or even wives, for prostitution, begging or to dance in nightclubs in other countries.

With the Syrian crisis, this issue is not only limited to Gypsies anymore, but also more Syrian women are exposed to prostitution (some times forced against their will, some times choosing it) as they suddenly can’t find other means of income. Child brides are becoming more common, as parents are forced to ‘sacrifice’ the one daughter in order for the rest of the family to survive.

  • Going before the Father
    Praise God for a jewelry project amongst Gypsies, which is becoming an honorable source of income to these girls. Pray that the project will expand in order for this community to be holistically transformed, and that prostitution will not be a common practice amongst them any more.
  • Pray that God will bless Syrians with creative ways to earn money in honorable ways, and remove the lies that prostitution or child brides are the only options left. Pray that they will get to know Him as their source.
  • Pray for the ones who are paying for these ‘services’ – that God will free them from the spirit of lust and fill them with His Spirit! Pray that their lives will be transformed – that they will become the ones who build up communities instead of taking advantage of the vulnerable.
  • Pray also for the girls who are already victims of prostitution in this region, that Jesus will show His powerful love and grace to them.

Source: Cryout

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