Middle East: the regional issues from Iraq under ISIS control

With the militants taking control of both the Syrian and Jordanian borders with Iraq, the challenges Iraq is facing need to be seen as regional issues. Syria is already facing a complex set of problems over control, and as one Syrian Christian leader said, this is not a choice between good and evil, it is a choice between one form of evil and another. The situation inside the country will further deteriorate if ISIS extends its control. Jordan is home to hundreds of thousands of refugees, and already straining under this load. To face this pressure from militants on its border will add to the burden this nation carries on behalf of the world.

Evidence already shows us that military action is not a solution, rather it exacerbates the already complex problems that lead to these wars. At the same time, while outside leaders call for a political solution, the fragility of the government in nations like Iraq mean that there is little chance of these complex problems being solved through political solutions.

Then there is the Church. The people of God who have experienced reconciliation have a message of reconciliation. But so often they are under immense pressure simply to survive, so their ability to offer the message of reconciliation is compromised. Rev. Andrew White has long been one of the leaders of this ministry. But with the added pressure on the Church, even he is struggling to care for his people and build bridges across deep divides.

This is our problem as well. What happens in this region has global consequences. We must pray. We must pray. We must pray. Please sit with God, his word, and ask for the Spirit to lead you to cry out to God for mercy and grace in this rapidly deteriorating situation.

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