Modern slavery in Lebanon

On average, one domestic worker dies every week in Lebanon – either by suicide or by accident while attempting to escape from employers who keep them locked indoors. Human rights’ groups say the abuse and isolation these women suffer are the key factors driving them to take or risk their own lives. People now recognise that many forms of contemporary slavery take place in Lebanon.


Domestic workers are a common sight in Lebanon. You see Asian girls pushing shopping carts for their ‘madam’ in supermarkets and African girls carrying huge bags and screaming toddlers to the beach. It is estimated that Lebanese families employ 200,000 migrant domestic workers mainly from the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia. Most of them are young and leave their own families behind to earn an average $150 per month living with Lebanese families they have never met before. Their employer becomes their sponsor which limits their freedom of movement.

Pray for these slaves, some of them with Christian background. Pray for them to flourish in their situation. Pray for people to come and help and encourage this people.

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