Mongolia: a growing church in a land that still thirsts

Pray for Mongolia. watch this clip.

Pray that the government will continue to uphold justice and religious freedom and the social welfare of the people.
Economic problems have led to suffering, exploitation and social upheaval, with crime and alcoholism. Pray for effective Christian work.
Further economic problems have faced many people after the harsh winters of recent years when huge numbers of livestock died.
Younger Mongolians hanker after material riches which is a big challenge for the church.
Pray for the Mongolian Church:
Maturing leaders who will be deeply rooted in the Word of God and oriented on the servant leadership model of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Wisdom and courage in living the Christian life on an everyday basis.
Unity and genuine love for each other.
An unquenched desire to reach the unreached, especially in the suburbs of the three major cities, in the countryside and beyond the border to the north and south.The opening of Mongolia for Christian ministries is an answer to prayer; pray that this may continue. Pray for their integration into the culture, adaptation to harsh living conditions and spiritual effectiveness. Pray for more workers.
For the translation and production of Christian literature, commentaries, devotional and teaching books and the revision of the Bible. Pray that individuals will become more willing to co-operate with others so that efforts can be optimised and materials more widely available.
Pray for the spiritual effectiveness of Western and Korean Christians; for the ability to fit into the Mongolian culture and adapt to harsh living conditions.
Pray for UBTC [Union Bible Training Centre], where many of the future leaders of the Mongolian Church are being trained, and for Mongolian missionaries sent out to other countries.


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