Mongolia: Abandoned and orphaned children

The lack of child protection laws in Mongolia means that abandoned and orphaned children rely heavily not he care of strangers. Economic instability and alcoholism among adults are major factors leading to the abandonment of children.

There are no definitive figures on the number of abandoned children. Child advocates suggest that there are thousands of children who have been deserted or orphaned in Mongolia.

Before the economic boom from mining in 2000, children were often left to fend for themselves, of they were rounded up and put in prison cells. The situation has improved due to the work of NGO’s and the government.

However, children who have mental or health disabilities are often neglected or fall through the cracks. There are few structures in place to help them and very limited educational opportunities.

There is a lack of infrastructure, with few government social workers and little nation-wide support available. NGOs are filling the gap, but receive little support or help from the government.

Pray for children who are living through being abandoned or orphaned, for those who care for and support them, of resources to meet their needs, and for the Church in Mongolia to have a vision for caring for these children as the scriptures encourage.

Source: Al Jazeera English.

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