Mongolia: breaking spiritual barriers

Jin swirled the fermented mare’s milk in his cup and held it out for more. Just back from a long journey, his friends and relatives were celebrating their reunion, and the fermented mare’s milk was flowing liberally. Jin’s uncle thanked Buddha for their safe return, but his cousins railed against the mention of the uncle’s god. Since the Marxist movement in 1930, most Khalkas have been atheists. “Wait,” Jin stood to his feet, cup in hand. “I’ve gone back to the ancient ways. There’s a shaman in town now, and I see him regularly.” This roused the men to fury, and a fight soon broke out, sending the women and children scampering for safety.

Mongolia is tucked between China and Russia. Claiming to be direct descendants of Genghis Khan, the 2.5 million Khalka people are the largest Mongol group. Their dialect constitutes the main language of the country. In the past Khalkas have been firmly opposed to outside influences, but during the last 23 years, they have become more open to new ideas.

Pray that they will open their hearts to the God that loves them. Pray for unity among Christian missionaries who are winning the people to Christ. Pray that God will raise up strong Khalka leaders who will find freedom from alcoholism and violence through Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord to set the Khalka Mongols free from atheism and the occult. Pray that Khalka hearts will open wide to the ways of Jesus Christ.

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