• for Christians everywhere to be concerned for the unreached millions in Mongolia who have never heard the name of Jesus, especially those who live nomadic lives in the remote countryside.
  • for the Lord to send Christians to Mongolia to see for themselves the spiritually needy people and to return to their home churches with a new zeal to pray, to support the ongoing work in Mongolia, and for some to consider serving in Mongolia.
  • for Mongolian believers to boldly and winsomely share the Gospel with their families and friends.
  • for the Bible school students to become godly leaders and to model authentic biblical spirituality in contrast to the certain aspects of the culture such as the acceptance of premarital intimacy, abortion, and alcoholism.
  • for the local churches to grow in quality and quantity, and for churches to become financially indigenous.
  • for the local pastors and church leaders to persevere and become mature in God’s service in the midst of difficulties, such as lack of resources for the church.
  • for the missionaries and Christian workers serving here to have effective ministries: meeting the practical and spiritual needs of the people, discipling and mentoring believers, and influencing churches to be mission-minded—reaching out within Mongolia and beyond.


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