This year, Morocco has been highlighted in international news as two terror groups were found operating there. The Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group is considered one of the most dangerous extremist cells. Linked with al-Qaida, the group planned several mass casualty bombings. Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) seeks to overthrow its neighbor, Algeria. In Syria, ISIS claimed to have beheaded a Moroccan Islamic preacher last month. They distrusted his allegiance. Since Morocco has an Islamic government, danger for Christian Believers there is intense. However, the Muslim Background Believers are the primary targets of persecution.

A few years ago, the government asked many Christian workers to leave Morocco. This sent fear into Christian Believers, both foreigners and locals. Praise God that this fear seems to be lifting (The Bible, Isaiah 54:14).

Ask God to remove the fear that keeps Christians from worshiping together and sharing their faith (The Bible, Psalm 23:4).
Over the last few decades, Islamic terrorist groups attempted to establish a base in Morocco. Pray that Morocco’s Berber heritage and the monarchy would prevent Morocco from becoming a radical Islamic nation (The Bible, Zechariah 9:10).
Pray for the continual growth of the economy. Pray for the creation of jobs and for the young people seeking employment. Pray for God’s blessing to be on them, as a nation that seeks Him (The Bible, Psalm 33:12).

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