Morocco: faith in the face of Islamic extremism

Islamic extremism is the main persecution dynamic in Morocco, and even more so since the government is led by an Islamic party. Victims of persecution are mainly Muslim Background Believers (MBBs), though the same restrictions apply to the small historical Catholic and expat communities in the country. Pressures seem to have increased, particularly in the community sphere. It is also increasingly difficult for foreign workers to enter the country. In this reporting period, few violent incidents against Christians were recorded. Without doubt, the most important change affecting the church is the arrival of the Islamist party in government. Many Christians are pessimistic about the future, with the Islamist party and other Islamist movements rapidly gaining influence in the country.

  • Many of the social reforms from the government since the Arab Spring have been in favor of Muslims.
  • Islamic forces are becoming more visible in the country. Pray for local Christians to remain strong in spite of this trend.


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