Morocco: youth migration

In Morocco, young people aged 15 to 35 years now represent over 38% of the total population. A considerable number of these young people have, on average, more years of schooling, they are healthy and have opportunities to pursue their university studies. They participate actively in economic and social development of Morocco, they desire to be serious and reliable partner in any project and policy affecting both their society.

However, the majority of these young people turn their gaze towards a mythical world. Their dreams and their lives are elsewhere. An unknown but also imagined, fantasized. That’s why they want to leave Morocco, “by breaking”, even risking their lives. Sesame (visa) is for these young people, impossible to obtain. The majority of them have already asked at least once a visa that they have not obtained. So, they attempt the unthinkable, they try the “underground But few are those who arrive in the country where they plan to go. Tragedy that always ends in deaths and injuries.

The main factors of the migration of young people include: low economic growth, unequal distribution of income, high unemployment, poverty and exclusion, violations of human rights and a low level of governance.

Pray for the Church in Morocco to become part of the solution for Moroccan young people, and for the Church when they do migrate to become a new community for them in the midst of the challenges of migration.


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